Tuesday 4 October 2011

Hobby news

I spent last weekend in the hospital and had a knee surgery. It went well and I'm already back home, recovering quickly. Now, having this surgery meant a compulsory two week sick leave. I need some time to fully recover before I start walking normally again.
This situation has some undeniable advantages. The most obvious one is that I basically have two week long holidays now and can spend more time on hobby - you can expect the effects soon. I still have a few pics of dwarves I haven't uploaded to the blog yet. I also want to finally catch up with my painting backlog - one jack from WARMACHINE and a crew for Malifaux.
Now, back to the main topic of this entry. GW has recently released some information on the new hobby supplies. I'm particularly happy about this one. Liquid GS that is water soluble and can be applied with a brush? I'm taking two!

Other than that, there are a few other new items:
- Citadel cleanup kit: Contains a flash brush with right rigid bristles for removing flash from resin and a mouldline scraping tool, ideal for metal, resin and plastic.
- Citadel Emery boards: Pack contains three emery boards that are great for smoothing resin surfaces. Contains two fine-grade and one super-duper-extra-fine-grade board.
- Revamped Citadel tool kit: Contains all previous tools along with the new clean up kit.

Looks to me like GW's trying to make up for the first batch of finecast minis that wasn't received very well by many of the customers. Still, GW makes really good hobby tools (hobby drill and hobby knife are top-notch). Even though it may seem like GW's trying to rip us off by introducing new tool that aren't really that necessary, the quality of this stuff is the key factor.


  1. Liquid GS? Wow, I think especially for Finecast. I think, i'll try.

    I wish you effective rehabilitation!

  2. That description; "the ideal tool for filling in small gaps on a miniature" had me laughing. Good thing they give us something to fill up all those resin airbubbles with... ;)
    I'm thinking milliput feels like a more worthwhile choice anyway though, since it's both an epoxy clay and water soluable. Granted I've never tried it but from what I've heard it's really good and can give nice smooth surfaces.

    Hope your knee heals up alright :)


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