Saturday 29 October 2011

Forest bases and a dead troll

I've recently bought a few 25 mm round forest bases produced by Micro Art Studio. |I've worked with their products before but never mentioned them on the blog. I thought I'd take this opportunity and write a few words. First of all, the quality is amazing. I've used many other resin bases and in each case I had to deal with numerous bubbles (the ones that are left in a resin base/model after casting) that needed to be removed. Here there are just a few tiny ones, as you can see in the picture below.

Apart from the quality of cast, the level of detail is amazing. The texture of these trunks looks really great and the shape of each one is different. I plan to use them for Gondor characters (such as Faramir, Arathorn, etc.) so you can expect an update soon.
I bought mine at maelstromgames but if anyone's interested in MAS's products, you can check out their website. And to finish this post off, here's an example of a MAS base that I painted a while ago. The scales on the back were sculpted (not by myself, I bought this one slightly converted) and the snow flock was added after painting.
With long weekend ahead (four days off in total) I plan to do some painting and catch up with blog backlog so you can expect a new post tomorrow. For now that's all and I'll leave you with a nice song.

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  1. I like this dead troll, however I have the bases by Micro Art Studio too. ;)



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