Monday 13 February 2012

Great Beast of Gorgoroth #2

Alright, time to get this one ready for painting. As you can see in the pic below, I was prepared for the worst when I started.

The biggest problem was the large gap I described in my earlier post. At first I wanted to use Ana's method to get this right. As much as I liked the idea, it didn't prove so effective on a larger piece. I decided to use the old, tested method (I used it when I was working on this helljack) and put the pieces in a bowl with hot water. After about 20 seconds the resin became very soft and had a rubbery feel to it. It was easy to bend it into desired shape and after a while put in under cold water. The resin became solid again and the halves of the beast's body fit well. You can see that in the pictures below.

I also finished cleaning the orcs and filled the gaps left after casting with Liquid Green Stuff - I really like this product, so easy to use. Also there's the possibility of thinning it down with water, which makes filling any recesses much easier.

As you can see, the level of detail is really high and there wasn't that much that needed to be redone with LGS. Now it's time to get some GS on the beast and prepare the base.


  1. Huh, stare metody jednak najlepsze :) mógłbyś powiedzieć na co nabiłeś te orki?

  2. Orki są nabite na korki po winie przecięte na pół, jeszcze dzisiaj/jutro wrzucę kolejne zdjęcia :)

  3. Rozumiem, jednakże chodziło mi o te szpilki/druciki, które orki mają w nogach :)

  4. a to po prostu najzwyklejsze spinacze :)


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