Tuesday 14 February 2012

Great Beast of Gorgoroth #3

I didn't have much time today but I still managed to completely clean up the beast, glue the halves and use some GS to fill in any remaining recesses after putting the model together. There wasn't much work here as the beast is pretty well cast.
I also assembled the platform. I forgot to test whether the pieces fit well before gluing it but fortunately they did.

Having done that, I prepared the base. I aimed for a battlefield look with some random shields, weapons and helmets lying around. The key here is not to overdo as too many details would make it look cluttered and unrealistic. I used parts of plastic ruins that I dug out from my bits box and cut away some so that it wouldn't take up too much space on the base. I also used small parts of GS below the scattered elements I added. Without those, they'd be covered with sand and gravel and virtually invisible. Once the GS hardened, I added the gravel (two different sizes) and sand.

Now I only need to put some basecoat and I can start painting.


  1. Ta przerwa między częściami jest niewybaczalna...na podstawce widać, że bestia zwiedziła całe Śródziemie :D Nie mogę się doczekać malowania.


  2. Hey, that pointy silver shield, where's that from? Looks pretty :)

  3. That'a a high elf shield from LotR minis range, an oldie but it does look nice.


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