Sunday 12 February 2012

Undead Death Marshals

I enjoyed painting the Death Marshals models thoroughly. These are probably my favorite minis from the range. As soon as I read that a special box with Dead Justice was to be released, I kept looking for a chance to buy them. I ended up getting them on ebay a while ago but have been too busy with other projects to work with these minis.

Finally, after finishing the last batch of LotR minis. I decided to paint a few minis from other system, in different scale. Just for a change. I have to admit, the Dead Marshals are amazing. The quality of sculpt is top notch but it's the level and number of details that really makes them special. The poses are perhaps a bit more static than the original ones but the details more than make up for it. Their cloaks are torn, faces disfigured, and a few other items are added. The one holding his beard is probably my favorite. I used a base insert with a coffin as I thought this one needed his "weapon" too.

I tried to keep the highlights very smooth and colors dark and I'm rather pleased with the final effect. I also used many glazes on the metal parts. I really like using GW washes for that as they seem to "melt" with metallics very well. Shame I'm not able to take pics that would be good enough to show that well... Anyway, overall I think they turned out a little better than the first three but you can judge it for yourself in the picture below.
Now, I can finally start working on the Beast of Gorgoroth :]

And here's a piece from a band that plays music which I think goes well with the atmosphere of Malifaux.


  1. Bardzo udane figsy, świetna kolorystyka. Pierwsze zdjęcie ciut za jasne, drugie i czwarte trochę nieostre, dlatego też zdjęcia nie oddają prawdziwego wyglądu figurek ale poza tym wszystko git.

  2. Really awesome pieces...think my favorite is the the one on the far right of the first photo with the spears through him. Really cool!!


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