Friday 24 February 2012

Great Beast of Gorgoroth #7

Here's another update on the beast. I finished the platform for orcs. It took me a while to make it fit properly, took some hot water and green stuff to make a perfect fit. I didn't glue it, it's just pinned to the beast's back. Thanks to that, transporting these elements separately will be much easier.

I haven't realised this after unpacking the model, but there's one part missing. In the catalogue picture at GW's website you can see that there are two heads (possibly human) hanging by the rope from the side of the platform. Unfortunately, I didn't get these in my box. Other than that, the other problem was that part of the mouth of the beast was miscast and it didn't have all the teeth (you can see that in the pic below, they're only on the right side, none on the left). Well, I guess it's not such a big deal as the hooves are probably its main strength.

Now, let's paint the crew...


  1. He's looking awesome, love the base, it really add to it.

  2. I love your leathers, perfect finish.
    I would suggest some colored shadows in strategic places on the beast though, the grey looks a bit uniform on that big surface. Maybe a little red-brownish tint to tie it together with the platforms colors.

  3. I actually worked it over with some thraka green and devlan mud glazes but after all the highlights it's not that easy to notice that. I guess I could have done it better but it wasn't easy as there are many flat surfaces with just a little texture on them.

  4. It was the flat surfaces I was thinking of actually, just giving them a very slight tint of a contrasting color in some places, I think it would add some interest.
    Just a suggestion of course, I think you did a great job on it as is, nice work with making all the little crinkles show :)


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