Thursday 23 February 2012

Great Beast of Gorgoroth #6

Well' here's the beast. I had two takes while painting it. At first I started with black undercoat and quickly realized that it wasn't a good idea. The beast blended with the base too easily. I changed the undercoat to a grey one and worked up highlights from there. I ended up using Astronomican Grey to make sure the skin texture is visible.

The beast is really well cast as far as details are concerned. Just a few gaps left after casting on the belly but other than that I didn't have to work too much on preparing it for painting (and I mentioned problems that were solved with hot water earlier on).

I've already started working on the platform for orcs and since I'm currently on a sick leave I should be able to finish it tomorrow.


  1. Awesome! Great looking model. You're the first I've seen paint it up.

  2. Piękna bestyjka! Rozumiem, że ujęcie na skończoną podstawkę będzie w kolejnym poście :)

  3. Jak zdążę to jeszcze dzisiaj wrzucę zdjęcia.

  4. Thanks for the comment Midloo. I haven't seen it painted anywhere else on the Internet yet too but to tell the truth I never bothered to look. Didn't want to get inspired by other works ;)


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