Thursday 16 February 2012

Great Beast of Gorgoroth #4

Everything's basecoated and ready for painting. I used Army painter sprays, beginning with black and adding a littlr grey or brown over it to pick out the details. I don't have an aerograph (at least not yet, I'll probably get one sooner or later) so that way not only ainting is easier but also a little faster.

The orcs are pinned to corks after wine cut in half. I didn't base them as I want to put them on the platform on beast's back later on and it wouldn't be possible otherwise (this one's much smaller than the mumak).

I really like these orcs. Great, entirely new sculpts and no clones here.

I want to paint the base first, then the beast and the platform. I'll start working on these tomorrow so you can expect an update this weekend.


  1. Te nowe orki są cudowne...btw, czy w zestawie są te głowy zwisające z platformy/howdahu, co widać na pudełku?

  2. Chyba nie miałem szczęścia bo w moim zestawie ich akurat nie było :(


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