Sunday 26 February 2012

The Iron Painter

I've recently entered my second ever online painting contest. Another one organized by Wyrd Games. It's called "The Iron Painter". The rules are fairly simple. All the participants are divided into groups of three. The jury chooses the best work to go on to the next round. The criteria for choosing the best one are:

Use of THEME INGREDIENT..... 0-5 points
Technical Quality/difficulty........0-5 points
Overall Asthetic.......................0-10 points

There are four judges. The participants have two weeks to complete their entry. Those that lose are asked to send one miniature/$5 to their victor (even tough it's not obligatory, I still think it's a nice idea).

As you can see, it's a pretty challenging competition. I don't have high hopes of getting far, especially after browsing through the galleries of the winners of earlier editions but I thought I'd give this one a shot anyway. My main target is to go through to the second round.

The theme for the first round is: "Start your engine". Initially I wanted to work on something typically associated with engines, such as large Warmachine jacks, futuristic vehicles, etc. I ended up going for something more subtle, trusting that "size doesn't matter" and here's how my entry for round 1 of IP looks like at this early stage.

All the minis will be painted separately, they are pinned and I only attached them to the base to take a pic.

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