Wednesday 15 August 2012

Dol Amroth reinforcements

I finished another batch of minis for the Gondor army. This time I painted a few metal Knights of Dol Amroth. The lighting conditions aren't perfect as it's a bit cloudy today so the quality of the pics isn't great. What comes out the worst are the swords, especially the blades. For some reason the camera focuses on these too much and they look too sharp, as if they were covered with some kind of dust.
Once again, plenty of metallics on these and I was glad to make use of Army Painter silver colors. I'm quite happy with how the white clothes turned out and they way dry pigments work with them, quite realistic effect I think.

And here's a true leader for this unit - prince Imrahil. The pics don't show it very well but I used different shades of blue for shields, cloaks and horse's caparison. What I like in particular about this mini is they way his face is sculpted very well detailed and full of expression.

I also started working on a unit of Mounted Knights of Dol Amroth. I used Plate Metal Spray on the Knights and mounted them on temporal bases for painting and basecoated the horses with grey, lightly spraying over it with white.

The plastic KoDA seem a lot bulkier than the metal ones and the details aren's as sharp but I guess they'll look good enough after painting.

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