Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Third time's a charm?

I played my third game against caen yesterday. We decided to change the SS limit to 30, which allowed me to add two newly painted Austringers to my force.

Caen played with Viktorias supported by Freikop's Trapper, Librarnian and two Ronins.

The strategy was Turf War. Caen had Gather Soulstones and Bodyguard Strategies and I chose Bodyguard and Breakthrough.

The way the terrain was placed on the table (especially the large building in the center with no direct way in on the ground level from the right side), together with the character of scenario we played meant that it was going to be a rather defensive, less open game.

I started by moving all my models as far towards the center as possible, being very careful not to get shot at by the Trapper. I didn't succeed entirely as the Judge got a critical hit together with a Red Joker, which reduced his wounds significantly. I moved LJ to the other side of the board in order to avoid her being shot at. Caen quickly moved her Viktoria (they're so damn fast) and finished off the Judge.

Not the best start for me but I managed to spend three full turns moving my Austringers towards the center and kept them as a hidden. The ability to remain hidden, high CB value and 0 action Deliver order skills madke them a serious threat to everyone.

In the third turn caen made a risky move and placed his Viktorias close to the Austringers and a DM that stood in front of them. We both realized that whoever loses the initiative flip for turn 4 would be at a serious disadvantage.

Caen won this flip decisively and there was no use for me to use a Soulstone to reflip as I would need a 13 or a Red Joker to win it. As we had predicted, winning this flip had devastating effects. After this turn I realized that only a miracle would enable me to get enough points to secure at least a draw. Well, the miracles don't happen when you expect them and I ended up losing 8:4

Once again, I was disappointed with the Judge as he died too easily. True, the Trapper had a bit of luck by flipping a Red Joker but still I feel that 7 SS could have been used better. The Judge is relatively fast and can cast some spells but I think that next time I'll try to use two DM instead.

Looking looking back at the game in retrospect I have to admit I made lousy use of LJ.

After the death of Judge I moved her to the other side of the table and tried to move around the large building in the center in order to attack from another side. I guess I should have risked moving her head-on into combat. A Guardian would be a great help here but since I con't have one yet, I have to make do with what is available to me currently.

Overall, it was a good game with a few turning points that had big impact on the final outcome.

As far as newly painted models are concerned, here's a quick note on the Austringers.

I initially wanted to paint them following the color scheme from Wyrd's online store but in the end decided that black coats are reserved for DM. I chose a much brighter color for their dusters.

I really like these minis, great and dynamic sculpts, both full of character. I also like the idea for this unit as they're basically Falconers who use... Hawks for hunting. The word "Austringer" comes from old French. Kudos to Wyrd Games for taking the effort to came up with original names for the minis in their game.

I tried to imitate a very simplified hawk feather pattern instead of just drybrushing the whole surface of the wings.

I made the rock on the base using a cork. The way the Austringer is placed on it made the mini bend backwards on uneven terrain so I bought a set of fishing weights and placed them in the front part f his base (both above (concealed by flock) and below it.

No it stands still without any problems.

And last but not least - here's a family pic of all the Guild minis I've painted so far.

I plan to expand them soo with Perdita Crew, A Guardian, Pale Rider, Guild Hounds and possibly a few more. But before I do that I plan to start working on my Dreamer Crew. I will be posting updates in this thread. C&C are welcome!

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