Friday 24 August 2012


I can now officially admit that I've been roped into the game. I've been a fan of the minis from this range for a while but after playing a few games I feel that I've found the system to focus on.
Since I decided I will be playing Malifaux for a longer time, I needed to make a few purchases. I spend a lot of time painting my miniatures and wanted to make sure they're well protected when I carry them to play somewhere else than my place. Battlefoam immediately came to my mind. I used to have a bag for WARMACHINE produced by this company and it was great. So I went ahead and ordered one for Malifaux. Here are a few pics:

The material is very solid and the sides are made of canvas strengthened on the inside with plastic. Everything fits in nicely inside; two fate decks, counters and laminated cards. There's also plenty of space left for a tape measure, marker and a book (or two since in can be put inside from both sides).

The bag comes with three foam trays, two regular sized ones for most of regular ht 2 minis and one thicker that can be customized (as seen in the picture above). There are 76 slots on the smaller trays and as many as you can pluck to suit your crews in the big one. It means that you can easily fit 4-5 crews inside of it (maybe with the exception of NLCB and some of the avatars).

The bag dimensions are 12.5W x 10.5L x 7H" (318W x 266L x 178H mm) so it's fairly small and easy to carry, especially with the strap that is connected to the bag with metal clips.

It's not a cheap purchase (I got mine at waylandgames for £62.40) but I think it's definitely worth the money.

I also bought two fate decks - a Puppet and a Retro one. Both are plastic so shuffling them is much easier and faster than with paper ones. They are definitely going to be be more durable too. And last but not least - the graphic design. It's wonderful. While the Puppet deck has bright, vivid colors with puppet imitations of Malifaux characters (Viktorias are the Jokers), the Retro deck has a very classy feel to it. It can be easily used for regular card games as are the suit colors and symbols are the same. To make them better adapted for Malifaux, figures such as king also have a number next to the suit symbol. Also, the damage is marked by dots (* for weak, ** for moderate and *** for severe). I find it a bit clearer than the dots on Puppet deck (a dot at the bottom of the number - weak, in the middle - moderate, and severe if the dot is on the top).

A quick look at two plastic fate decks
Now I'm off to enjoy the weekend but I'll be back at the beginning of next week with an update on my LotR commission.

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  1. Whoa you you're truly getting into something when the foam cases come out to play! ;)


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