Monday 27 August 2012

Pure Evil

I painted another few minis from Malifaux range. This time something from another faction that I'll be playing - the Neverborn. The Neverborn are basically human fears and nightmares personified. They often take forms of mythical creatures or they remain humanoid, finding their pray among the peoples of Malifaux. I figured I'd start my Neverborn with the most abominable of them.

Those three little ones are the Dreamer's totems. I had a blast painting them. The sculpts are really great. They seemed a bit too small on a regular base so I added a chest/barrel. They also served as test models for bases that I'll be using for my Neverborn crews. Each of these took about an hour to paint so they were fairly quick paintjobs.

While it's nice to make them more unique by preparing themed bases for each crew, I wanted to be able to mix them easily when preparing crews for gaming. Basing all of the minis from this faction on the same type of base gives me more versatility and it also means that whatever crew I come up with, it will always look more or less coherent.

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