Friday 31 August 2012

Army of the Dead

I had thought that it would be a quick and easy job before I started working on this bunch. White primer, some washes, drybrush and all's done. Well, in the end it was a bit more complicated than that.
I started by preparing the bases - adding larger stones/boulders and sand. The minis were primed separately with AP grey basecoat. I followed it with a light spray of white, which added some basic highlights.

Then it was washing time. After a wash of Vallejo Green Shade, I glazed them with thinned down Guilliman blue. The only exception was the king's coat which was given a very light touch of red. I had to be careful here as adding too much of it would result in a pinkish shade which wouldn't work well at all with this one.
I decided that they need a bit more depth and worked a bit more with Vallejo Green Shade. After that it was just a matter of bringing them back to bright colors and making them look more ethereal. I used P3 Underbelly Blue with increasing amounts of white for that, finishing off with a very light touch of pure white. The hairs and beards were painted using more natural colors and I think that in the end it worked out well too.

In the end what was supposed to be a quick and easy paintjob has proved much more complicated. The trays were meant to tie them with the rest of the Gondor force, while still giving them a slightly different look. OK, enough talking, here are the pictures.

Plastic warriors of the dead are quite nice with lots of features to make each of ten models look unique and the plastic is really strong and doesn't break easily. The metal ones (especially the riders) are just fantastic and I really enjoyed picking out the details on these miniatures.
Now I'll probably paint at least a few Malifaux minis but with the end of summer holidays and September being the busiest month for me, it might be hard to find as much time as I'd like to spend doing that.

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  1. These look great!! I started my own Aotd thinking exactly as you did and agree they are a lot more complex than they first seem. You've done a great job.


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