Monday 6 August 2012

Isengard's eyes

I finished another Lotr project. This time I had some Isengard scouts on my agenda. I really like working on those minis. Maybe they're not as detailed as the metal ones but still it's a pleasure working on them. One of the reasons I really like U-H Scouts is that they usually are done in shades of brown and Citadel paints brown pallette is great. You can judge that yourself ;)

That's pretty much for now. Sitting next on my workbench is a group of Moria minis ;) Stay tuned 


  1. Uruk scouts look great!! I agree that they are quite nice to paint for plastics. They allow for extra detail to be simply painted onto the models.

    Following your blog.


  2. Stunningly detailed!! These guys look incredible!! :)


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