Monday 27 August 2012

Knights of Dol Amroth again

This time plastic mounted versions. I wrote about earlier that initially I wasn't too impressed by these as they seemed too bulky and less detailed than the old metal versions. Now that I look at them, on finished bases and themed movement trays, I think they're not that bad after all.

The Knights aren't glued to the mounts as I wanted to make adding a rider to the mount more flexible.  
The saddles might seem a bit too flat but these elements are almost completely covered by knights' tunics so I didn't worry about that and focused more on the edges that are visible.
They add a nice touch of blue to the otherwise slightly too uniform (at least in my opinion) Minas Tirith army and should make a nice addition to other heavily armored units.
Not much more to say really so here are the pics of the whole six.

I probably don't need to add that the banner bearer was my favorite to paint - the pattern there is really nice and it did take quite a few layers of paint to get it looking right.
Now, onto some undead warriors!

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