Friday 14 December 2012

Dear brother...

Today's your very special day and I wanted to wish you all the best. You're a very talented and creative young man (yes, you're officially a MAN now!) and I hope you're able tomake good decisions and use your talents well in the future. And you can call on me later to pick up a small gift :)

As far as the gift is concerned, I enjoyed painting Snow Storm thoroughly. The beast is made of high quality resin (apart from the thorns that are cast in metal).
I really like his pose, looks like he's gathering energy and preparing to get into some serious action. The Silent One in front of him completes him nicely with arms extended to her sides.

I chose to place them on a tall base that would resemble a mountaintop. U used a few wine corks and plenty of GS for it. I thought that it would add more dynamism to this duo, making it look as if they were observing the battlefield from a distance.
And just to make the beast a bit more special, I used a special medium on his arms and eyes. It didn't affect his look as it's semi transparent but it makes him look more interesting when the lights are off.

His story is quite interesting. Rasputina (one of the masters from Malifaux) was successful when she faced December (an ancient tyrant entity) but part of his power entered one of her acolytes, a Silent One called Snow. As a result, a spirit that would become known as Snow Storm came into existence.
In game, the duo adds a lot of mobility to Raspy's crew along with some offensive and defensive spells. Add to that the fact that Snow Storm is basically bulletproof and very dangerous in close combat and you have a force to be reckoned with. The only downside is his high cost (11 soulstones) but I'm pretty sure that he can wreak havoc if used properly.

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