Tuesday 11 December 2012

Some WIPs...

Lots of non-hobby stuff happening in my life now so I haven't had much time for painting. I thought I'd show some works that are currently in progress.

First off, the goblin elites. Metal Prowlers and finecast Gundabad Blackshields. The finecast ones are not bad, just a little GS was needed. The details look very sharp on them. In the front row you can also see Grobolog - now that's what I call a dynamic pose. I'll probably wait with painting him until I've started dealing with regular greenskins. Anyway, all of those now have their bases prepared (some gravel and sand was added) and I also primed them.

Now some Malifaux stuff. I've put together Santana. I used GS for the base as without a thing layer there, the sand tends to sink in ans the base looks hollow.

A slightly modified Teddy. I'll be running two of these and since I got rid of the Nightmare version (didn't really like the scale - seemed too large), I wanted to introduce some variety and used the spare nTeddy head. Cutting off the original one was a slow and painful process and I ended up... chopping it away with an axe ;) I resculpted the fur around its neck and it looks OK after priming. You may say that he looks too grotesque or that the head doesn't fit there very well and my answer to that would be simple: Widow had a bad day.

And finally, three Witchling Stalkers. Those are one of my favorite sculpts from the Malifaux range and their fluff is nice too.
Also, their magical runeblades will come in handy when dealing with spirits.

And a quick shot of my little helper ;)

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