Monday 31 December 2012

Unpublished 2012

Here are some shots (taken by none other than Reagan Lee ) of minis I painted earlier in 2012 but for some reason forgot to put on the blog. 
I really like GW's Lotr Rangers minis as they're full of character and they gave me a chance to work with warm colors that I really like. Faramir's rangers are even better than the plastic ones as they're more detailed and the quality of sculpts is slightly better.
I used Micro Art Forest bases - they are awesome and I cannot recommend them enough. I've used many different resin base/base inserts but those from MAS are definitely the best in terms of quality.

Faramir and Damrod leading the rangers

Duinhir, Arathorn and Halbarad

And that's pretty much it for 2012, it's been a pretty good year in terms of hobby for me but I'll write a separate entry with summary in January. 
Happy New Year to everyone who visits Independent Painters, I'm really happy that some people find the blog interesting enough to stop for a while and check out new posts as they come and even more grateful for the comments that are left. See you in 2013 - in hobby terms I'd call it the year of... Hobbit.

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  1. nice. incredibly painted miniatures on fantastically finished bases, thats what its all about, brilliant stuff.


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