Wednesday 12 December 2012

Greenskins WIP #2

Moving on with the Goblin elites. I started working on the bases of Gundabad Blackshields. I cut the tile texture on the bases with a hobby knife and glued some gravel to conceal the area where the models are glued to the bases. I used various bits of different types of ruins for the command to make sure they stand out among the rest.

I basecoated them black and lightly sprayed brown on their backs - it will make painting the cloaks easier and faster. More coming soon so stay tuned!


  1. What are these?
    New Hobbit stuff?

  2. Those are elite warriors for the Moria LotR SBG army. They were released later on. As far as Hobbit is concerned, you can check out the new minis here:

  3. Nice progress. I like the basing detail.


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