Wednesday 5 December 2012

Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites?

I've painted three Alps for my Dreamer crew. I used some random bits for the bases as I wanted to reflect in them Alps' ability to pop into existence out of nowhere and land wherever they're summoned. I've done some repositioning of their arms and added a bottle to the one smoking a cigar - I thought that he'd look more like a party animal with it.

I've also used water effect for the first time and poured some of it into the bucket (having painted the bottom blue first).

They were fun to paint and now I'll probably start working on the Gunslingers if I find some time while working on other larger projects I currently have on my plate :)

And something I've been neglecting on the blog recently - some music to go with this one.

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  1. A google image search brought me here based on the last top down image. Looks slick!


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