Sunday 23 December 2012

Greenskins #3

I've just finished painting a batch of Moria elites and here are some pics. First off, Gundabad Blackshields and their commanders. They're all finecast minis and it felt a bit weird painting a mini that weighs next to nothing. The main thing that distinguishes them from regular Goblins are the heavy fur cloaks. I painted some spots onto them, following the "official" paintjob but making them look darker. And as gross as it is, the one holding a drum made out of dwarf is my favorite here. 

 The Prowlers look so much out of control, especially the ones swinging the axe above their heads. Those are really tiny minis so getting all the little bits there was a bit tricky. I think it worked out pretty well in the end.

 Last but not least, Grobolog - the goblin king. Possibly one of the best sculpts in the range and I really enjoyed working on him. For some reason the red cloak looks a bit orangish in the pics...

Now I have some regular Goblins that await painting but there are a few elites among the batch so I shouldn't be too bored working on them ;)


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