Tuesday 26 July 2011

#4 The Tainted

This one has got to be my favorite Nazgul sculpt so far. It makes me think of WFB Lurgle Lords with its frame twisted in such a way. Also, the snail-like look that he has adds a lot of character to the model.

I still wanted to add something more to the model. While painting the Nazgul I generally stick to the codex color scheme. The final effect is always slightly different as I use other types of painting techniques (mainly smooth vs. extreme highlights).
This one was no exception as I tried to add the sort of lighting on the lower parts of the Nazgul. In GW's version it's done a bit too clumsily for my liking - the greenish/blueish highlights are lost among extreme highlights of the robe. I wanted to add a bit more contrast here, while still maintaining the glow effect.

I didn't do it on the mount's robe as it would make the whole model look extremely bright. I also left the parts of the robe of the foot version painted black so that it blends better with the other Nazgul. These are Dark Riders after all ;)
Now since there is some variety in the color scheme, the song should also reflect that.



  1. The transition from black to blue is so smooth that I wondered if my eyes were playing tricks on me! Awesome work Viruk!

  2. Second that :)

    I like your take on this one, I didn't get that he was supposed to be glowing in the GW version, he looked more like he was just wearing grey robes.
    Especially like the glow inside the hood, beautifully painted!

  3. Hmmm, my comment never went through. :(

    The ghostly blue highlight is simply amazing, a look I have been trying to emulate forever on my Necromancer to no avail. I wish I could pull off that look even half as well as you have my friend! :)

  4. Thanks for the comments, much appreciated :)


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