Monday 25 July 2011

#3 The Undying

Here's another one from the Nine - the Undying. I really like the sculpt, especially the robes. A pretty menacing figure compared to the rest of Dark Riders.

Adding some red helps this mini a lot. It breaks the dark color scheme and makes it look a bit more interesting. I kept the rest dark so that it would match the other Nazgul well. The other thing that works pretty well in my opinion is the addition of red on the inner robes of the hood. It kind sort of gives more shape to this part.
I also like the mount on this one a lot/ In order to make it look a bit more demonic I carefully picked out every single tooth and painted the eyes red, highlighting them with orange and a very light touch of white to make them look like they're glowing.

Just like the last time, here's another song to go with the 'black' theme. Ulver's one of my favorite bands - their concerts are really amazing (I had a chance to go to one two years ago).



  1. I like the reds, makes a nice break among all the blacks

  2. Another really great looking piece!! :)


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