Tuesday 12 July 2011


Just wondering if there's a regular plural to it or maybe it's always Nazgul? Anyway, I'm working on a bunch of them now. Since GW released all of them, I ordered the nine but from different stores (MO is a pain in the back, but that's a different story). I currently have six of them; The Dark Marshal, Dwimmerlaik, Khamul, Knight of Umbar, Tainted and Undying. All of them are very nice sculpts and it can be clearly seen that GW's sculptors put a lot of effort into customizing these guys so that there's no chance to confuse one with another.
My favourite has to be the Tainted. Hunchbacked and manacing figure with really nicely sculpted robe. Sort of reminds me of one of the renditions of Nurgle lord from WFB.

As I said, each of them is different. Let's have a look at Khamul the Easterling. Much more dynamic pose with its mount leaping forward. I glued the beast to the base in this way as I thought it makes the model look more dynamic. The mount's position is not the same in the catalogue. I liked it too but I thought I'd do it in a different way.

The Dwimmerlaik is a different story. Probably the heaviest of them all (especially the mounted version) as there's so much metal on this model. I needed to use quite a lot of green stuff to fill in all the gaps left after putting it together. The sculpt is really nice too with the way its clothes seem to reflect movement.

I also put together Sauron (forgot to put the base with Elendil and Isildur next to it for the pic). Very nice model too. I had one problem with it though. It arrived with one small element missing. One of the blades of the mace to be specific. I solved the problem by making one from GS. It took some work by the final effect is almost identical and I'm pretty sure the difference won't be noticeable after painting. Even now it doesn't look much different.

Last but not least, I also put together the Witch King on an armored fellbeast. Took me a while to get it all right as there are quite a few elements. The good thing is that they're really well cast and fit nicely, which makes working with them much easier. I magnetized the tail as otherwise it would be extremely hard to fit it in a carton box for shipping. I put some GS where the tail joins the body to make the gap as small as possible. I guess it will work out well in the end as the whole thing will be very dark. I'm going to start with painting this one.

So as you can see, there are quite a few nice models that I'm currently working on. All of them are now basecoated with Chaos Black. Painting them will take a while as building nice and smooth highlights of black takes some time. I should be ready with the Witch King by the end of the week so check back soon.

Alright, to finish off this entry, here's a song from a Polish gothic metal band "Artrosis". Not bad but not my cup of tea too. Still, the title and content are perfectly suitable. There's also an English version if anyone cares to check.


  1. been looking forward to these :)

    I was thinking of getting me one of them as well, but I'm not sure which one I like best (guessing I'll end up with more than one..)
    I like the Dwimmerlaik, as you said, really nice robes :)

  2. oh and they do refer to them as Nazgul in the books that I can recall

  3. Thanks for clearing that out. I wasn't sure about it but now that you mentioned it, I do remember they were always referred to as 'Nazgul' in the book.


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