Saturday 2 July 2011

White City (IV)

Back to lotr stuff. After finishing commanders set I moved on to another member of HQ sensu largo. Rather quick and painless mini with very well casted rider. Yes, yes , it's Minas Tirith banner bearer, mounted version to be exact. I always liked Knights of Minas Tirith (the old metal ones) , those minis vere extremely well sculpted and casted that working on them was (and still is) a pleasure. I'm not saying that new plastic ones are bad, because when it comes to plastic minis the new ones like KoMT or KoDA are on completely new level compared to old ones. Still I have warmer feelings when it comes to old-school metals . Who knows, maybe it's just some sort of sentiment reminding the beginning of hobby. Anyway standard is yet another codes scheme mini in MT army.

Regarding music piec. There's one that comes to my mid when we talk about banners. Maybe it's because I watched Pirates of the Caribbean last week :D

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