Monday 11 July 2011


It felt nice to paint something non-Lotr after a longer time. I decided to paint at least one model for my Cryx army since I was waiting for the black primer I ordere to arrive anyway.
Skarlock is a mini that originally got me interested in WARMACHINE. I absolutely love the sculpt, it seems to be completely out of control. Putting it together wasn't so easy though, especially fixing the gaps on the soul token left after gluing it.
It was a fairly quick paintjob as it took me one evening and one morning to complete it. I kept the colors dark with the addition of very light green on the soul token. I used similar technique to the one I employed while working on Tartarus, only with smaller amount of blue and much more green. I also used some purple as a base color for the skin, working it up with white.
And that's pretty much it. I have only one more model in my WM backlog but I'll get to it a bit later. I have a few (nine to be precise) Nazgul to deal with. I'm still waiting for the remaining three but the rest is now ready for priming after being filled with quite a lot of GS but I'll write more about it tomorrow.


  1. I love this mini, the movement is stunning. Your paintjob is very awesome!, could I ask what you use for your green?

  2. Thanks for the comment. I painted the soul token using mainly Vallejo Game Colors. I started with two layers of falcon turquoise thinned down with water. After that I put highlights with foul green, foul green mixed with scorpy green, scorpy green, livery green and livery green mixed with white. I don't remember the exact proportions of each successive highlight but the key was to tin down the paint each time and use two-three thin layers, leaving the darker shades in the recesses. That's mainly because I like smooth transitions between colors. Still, adding more contrast with smaller number of highlights would work fine too.

  3. aah, nice, i will have a look at using that palette it really pings! Thanks I appreciate.

  4. Sorry to ask this on the blog - but...

    I'm lucky enough to live near a shop that stocks the full vallejo range.. model colour, game colour and air, plus all the primers vanishes etc etc.

    I could only find Livery Green and scorpy green. I got Sick Green (as foul green didnt seem to exist) as well as it looks like a good shade colour. The falcon turquoise didnt exist on the stand, so im guessing its discontinued, is the GW turquoise near to the colour?

    Thanks.... Looking forward to trying these paints out!

  5. I got my VGC paints about five years ago so I guess they must have removed/renamed some paints in their palette.
    Hawk Turquoise is very close to Falcon Turquoise, maybe it's a bit brighter but that could be easily changed with a drop of black.
    Also, for any kind of comparison I recommend this great website Maybe it's not perfect but it works well as a reference.
    And feel free to ask any questions you might have :)

  6. Just to a post to say thanks, I re did my glowy green on the deathripper, much prefer these colurs to what I was using....

  7. Great, glad I could help. Make sure to show the effects of your work, can't wait to see your jacks on these amazing bases of yours.

  8. Just wanted to say that I love your paint job on the Cryx. It's inspired me to try a similar colour scheme on mine when they arrive

  9. Thanks! It's been a while since I painted anything WM and I no longer own the Cryx minis but it's always nice to get some feedback :)


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