Thursday 28 July 2011

#5 The Dark Marshal

Definitely the most heavily armored of the nine. Lots of armor adds some nice contrast to the robes. Also, the way it's sculpted makes painting easier as the parts are very clearly defined. My favorite part is his helm as the large gap reveals only dark and empty space. Adds a lot to the character.

Following the codex painting scheme, I added a touch of blue to the armor. I didn't like the effect very much as it made him look too bright for so I toned it down to better match the dark color scheme.
I had one small problem with the model as the mount is glued to the base in only one place. There was also something that looked remotely like grass sticking from below one of the front hooves. I used it to glue the horse to the base in the second place and added some static grass over the element to hide it as it looked a bit unnatural.

Alright, five down, four more to go. I'll leave you with another nice song that features a motif of the black color. It's also one of mu favorite music videos.


  1. Another phenomenal looking wraith! Great job all around on this one! :)

  2. ok, I have a question if you don't mind; I wanted to ask your take on priming, like, do you always use black or does it depend on what colors youre gonna use?
    I don't know if you've blogged about it, but I didn't find a search option and I thought I'd skip looking through all your posts ;)

    also, I'm a little interested in trying out those andrea black colors so I'd like to ask where you got them and how much they cost :)

  3. Mostly I use black primer (the one from Army Painter is the best - at least compared to Chaos Black from GW and Vallejo Black Primer). Sometimes I lightly spray brown (also from Army Painter) over black when a model has many brown/green/golden elements as it makes painting easier and faster. This has the additional advantage of providing me with basic higlights and nicely showing all the details. While working with models that have bright colors (like Gandalf the White/Saruman) I use only grey spray for priming (you guessed - also from Army Painter ;).

    And as far as Andrea paints are concerned - first of all I'm a big fan. Probably my favorite range (even though the color range is a bit too limited). You can read more of my comments about them if you click on the 'andrea' label ( ). I bought mine here It's a Polish online shop and I don't think they ship abroad... Still, there's always ebay - just checked and there are some nice offers even now.
    Thanks for the comments and if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

  4. Thank you for taking the time :)

    I prime everything white myself (also army painter <3). I'm thinking black would be helpful with shadows (and not as obvious if you miss painting a spot), but then I like bright colors and I feel like white is helping there.
    Priming with two colors might be something to try out though :)

    One more question about the blacks: are they warm/cold or just a neutral tone?

  5. You should try priming with black and then lightly spraying white over it - works very well for base coat and as pre-shading.
    I'd say the Andrea paints are rather cold than warm.


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