Tuesday 5 July 2011

Back in Mordor (XIII)

Lucky 13... or so it would seem. My painting journey back to Mordor is nearing its end as I've completed the last unit, only solos (using WM terminology ;) remain now. As I've written earlier, I'm not a big fan of these minis.
They had great potential that was'n used fully by the designers. Their helms and chainmail look really too simplistic and much potential was wasted there. The wicked-looking swords, nice cloaks, and large shields are better but still the overall impression isn't very good. Anyway, I'm glad that's behind me and from now on I can focus on more interesting miniatures.
I will be painting Lotr minis mainly but I also want to finally paint some of my own miniatures. After painting models from one range only I feel I need to paint something in a different scale for a change so stay tuned for more :)


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