Saturday 12 January 2013

Greenskins - the final update

Here I am, 30 goblins later. You can see the pics below. Once again, I was struggling with taking pics that would show the colors well. It looks a bit too vivid and too flat compared to the real look...

While working on a large quantity of similar minis, I always try to add little things that decrease the "army of clones" feel. This time I used things like rocks, ruined monuments etc. to add some variety. Also, to give it a Moria feel, I used fragments of walls and glued them onto the movement trays.

For the command group I wanted to come up with something special so I took half of a column and cut it into four parts. These parts were then glued to the bases so that it looks now as if the 4 of them were standing next to one another.

And some shots taken in different light.

 Well, that's it for now and I'll be posting some WIP pics of the Hobbit stuff soon.

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