Sunday 13 January 2013

Hobbit WIP at least

I've finally started working on the Hobbit box. So far I've prepared three sample goblins for painting. I used wine cork for the rock on the bases and cut up some of the scenery from the box. I was thinking about the movie scene and the way Goblin Town looked in the movie.

It seemed hastily done with the planks randomly placed here and there. Everything seemed ready to break and I tried to imitate that look here.

I'm also thinking about putting Thorin's company on similar bases and perhaps arranging them into a small diorama on a movement tray.


  1. These make very nice mini diorama display pieces, though I must confess I am not such a fan of them when used as regular gaming pieces... they then tend to look a bit odd.

  2. Very nice bases! I'm sure the paintjob is going to be superb.
    Those goblins are nice sculpts; apart from their original role they can easily be employed as any kind of SF/Fantasy/Steampunk mutants (I'm personally thinking of making them into some kind of plague "zombies". Though they would need a GS intervention on the heads).

  3. Haven't really thought about that but now that you've mentioned it, it makes a lot of sense. They do look like some kind of mutants after all.
    Anyway, I'm halfway through painting these three and should have pics up tonight or tomorrow.


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