Sunday 13 January 2013

Running into (Dark) Debts

I finally started working on the Dark Debts crew. My first step was to give the speed painting on the Wyrd forums a go with an Illuminated. I think I could have chosen a better model for that as I used black and white on this one and these color tend to need slightly more time to get them looking right. After one hour the mini looked like in the pic below:

I guess I'm not cut out for this kind of painting competitions as I had really hard time cutting corners on this one. In the end I kept on painting after the hour passed and some time later this came from under my brush:

It also glows in the dark - brilliance ladies and gentlemen :)

Even though my attempt at speed painting was a failure I still enjoyed the experience and it encouraged me to start making some more (slow but systematic) progress on my Malifaux backlog. Right now I still have 31 minis from the range that await painting.

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