Friday 4 January 2013

Kingdom Death: Monster

This game has been a huge success since the beginning of its Kickstarter campaign, quickly reaching one stretch goal after another. Today (3 days before the end) it has reached one million dollars. Now that's impressive.
It's a cooperative game based in a very dark world full of horrors. You play together as survivors who try to stay alive. There are already two short movies giving more insights into the game. The first one is very general and shows some basics.

The second one goes into details and explains the gameplay more precisely.

For $100 you get the game (+ the shipping costs which amount to around $40 if you're from Europe). There and quite a few fantastic models in the box and the quality of the cast seems outstanding.

It's very tempting but I guess I'll pass. The game will be released in fall but it's not like I have nothing else to work on until them. In fact, it would interfere with my current hobby projects. Other than that, the shipping costs are pretty high and I hope once the game's officially released, it might be cheaper to order it (as long as it's available in Europe). Anyway, for all those who look for a cooperative game that they could enjoy with their friends, I'd say you're definitely going to get your money's worth if you support this project. Check out its page on Kickstarter.

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