Saturday 5 January 2013

Greenskins WIP #5

The work on greenskins continues. It's a bit tiresome as I'm working on a large batch simultaneously. In order to maintain solid level on all of them I need to constantly keep on reminding myself to slow down and pay attention to details. It sounds simple but it can become frustrating at times when you apply a layer of the same color on 30 minis in a row.

I'm generally leaning towards P3 paints and plan to buy more colors from the range in the future but there are some Citadel colors that I'm really used to. Two paints I like in particular were Scorched Brown and Vermin Brown. While the new Skrag Brown seems close enough, Rhinox Hide is not even close in hue to Scorched Brown.

What are your impressions of new (well, not brand new as they've been around for a while) Citadel colors?


  1. As a general opinion, I do like them. However, the level of painting I am currently dabbling in, isn't perhaps demanding that much of the colours.

    However, I've found their metallics to be really good. And the white, Ceramite White. The cans are no good, though...

    Their paint-on primer ("Imperial" ditto) was, for me, utter garbage, this is surely a exception thats unique to me and perhaps a few other people but I hate it: Doesn't stick and pools everywhere. I tried Yes/Fairy to solve it slightly, but didn't work well at all.

    All in all, I think the colours are really good for most people but they're not my cup of tea, I prefer Coat D'Arms.

    Are these as okay to use in an airbrush like most other brands, primarily thinking of Vallejo's gaming colours... ?

  2. Hard to say about the airbrush as I'm not using and haven't yet tried one.
    I'll post pics of finished models tonight or tomorrow :)


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