Tuesday 29 January 2013

Hobbit WIP #1

I've started my winter holidays so before packing my things and going for a well deserved holiday I'd started working on the Hobbit stuff.
First off, something big, fat and ugly. The commissioner suggested using the throne for this one and I couldn't wrap my head around it. It seemed too small to fit the Great Goblin in. Here's the first mock-up version of the idea I had.

My little helpers keep vigil, as always
In order to make it work I needed to prepare more "stones". Fortunately, I have a big supply of wine corks. My friends and colleagues at work know that I use them for hobby and every now and then bring me a handful :) I also used a part of wooden floor to extend the surface a little further so that the Big Ugly could stand on it comfortably. As you can see, there's a hole in the middle and below it there's a bucket full of... crap. Which leads me to a conclusion that the Great goblin was the first of the race to actually multitask as he was sitting, thinking, and... I think I'll cover the hole with some more wood as it doesn't really serve any special purpose for the display.

Having done that, I magnetized the King so that he could be placed either on his throne or on a regular base. That way he could be part of a display piece as well as a legit miniature for gaming.

I also started working on the other goblins. The one in the pic below is, as far as I remember, a captain. He is very small and looks very mean so I thought I'd put him on a fancy base. Below is what I created using bits from the Hobbit box.

I also used similar types of bases for Thorin's company. I think they add a lot of dynamism to the minis and the way they're arranged makes it almost look like some kind of a diorama. I plan to smooth the edges of the hole in Bilbo's base and add some water effect inside once it's painted.

There's still plenty of GS that needs to be used to fill in the recesses and I will also add gravel and sand to their bases. Then I'll have my hands full of goblins. But that will have to wait as I'm leaving for a week tomorrow. Until then, keep the paint flowin'!

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