Monday 21 January 2013

Sample Goblins from the Hobbit

Taking pics in winter isn't easy as I never get home before it's dark and I need to rely on artificual light. Also, sometimes there are other obstacles.

Onto the little buggers now. I more or less stuck to the codex look. In the movie they seemed to blend in with their environments so I tried to use various shades of similar colors to reflect that. Took me forever to choose colors that I thought worked even before I started painting. Garfy's great article came in handy too - go check it out on the Tale of Painters. I normally start with a black basecoat but chose a white one here.

Now only 33 left to go :)


  1. Awesome! One thing doesn't suit, namely rocks. It would probably look better if they were darker (like in the movie). But that's just my opinion.


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